Siddhant ‘Sid’ Sharma

Undergraduate Research Associate, Earth-Life Science Institute, Japan


Siddhant Sharma or ‘Sid’ as he is commonly called by his workmates hails all the way from India. He was born in the industrial town of Faridabad, India, and is a current undergraduate working towards his degree in concentrations of biochemistry and chemistry. He is an undergraduate research associate with Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Seattle (BMSIS), Earth Life Sciences Institue Japan, and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His current research interests revolve around prebiotic chemistry and origins of life and developing theoretical workflows for the same. Although a computational chemist, he enjoys solving problems of synthetic biology and bioinformatics.

Siddhant has presented his work in several international conferences of repute in origins of life and geochemistry and awarded undergraduate grants for his outreach and research in understanding macromolecular evolution in origins of life.  His experiences in COVID-19 immunoinformatics research played a key role in getting him interested in Synthetic Biology and the need for automation in this particular use case. Siddhant is currently collaborating with LeoRios Lab for a review paper on “Automation for Synthetic Biology” where he focuses on “Low volume, Low-Cost pipetting, and liquid handling”.


CASSUM Fellowship, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: Working on quantum prebiotic chemistry with Dr. Martin Rahm.

Current Projects

Collaboration with LeoRios Lab, for a Review Paper on “Automation for Synthetic Biology”