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Our Research Motivation

At LeoRios Lab, our research motivation focuses on promoting further understanding of the overlapping areas of Biochemical Engineering and Synthetic Biology, resulting in novel ways to apply this knowledge to tackle the global growing socio-economic inequalities. We have a firm belief that if scientists work together and gear their research and related activities towards this end, an immense contribution will be made fighting problems like equal access to food, energy and pharmaceuticals, boosting local bio-economies, access to high-quality education as well as the promotion of a sustainable environment. 

About The Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology (SynthSys)

Edinburgh’s Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology (known as SynthSys) embraces a vibrant community of > 50 research groups and >200 researchers. Our research is broad and deep, addressing a diversity of scientific questions with wide ranging impacts for society, industry, the economy and our planet
University Investment in Synbio and SysBio (£ million)
Design, Buil and Measure World Class Core Facilities
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What People Say About Us

I did a period of research abroad at Leo Ríos’ lab. The whole group made me feel like I was at home during the time I was there and they really valued me as a member of the team. They shared their knowledge in the best way posible and I had responsibilities from day one. Leo is not only a great scientist, he is an amazing leader.



Gabriela Mellado (visiting student)
Gabriela MelladoVisiting Student

I’m really glad to have joined  Leo’s lab during my master year to conduct research on advanced machine scheduling for COVID-19 diagnosis optimization. I’m extremely impressed with the best scientific research atmosphere, the strongest scientific prowess, and the most harmonious relationships in this lab. These really helped me to make progress in my academic years and will benefit me in the future.

Yimeng Han (MSc Student)
Yimeng HanMsc Student
Glad to be a member of Dr. Leo’s lab. I have learned a lot in such a harmonious
atmosphere. Hope to keep updated on the well-designed website!
Junlin Dong (MSc Student)
Junlin DongMsc Student (Currently Research assistant in SIAT)